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Remember the Mike Feinberg Company?

Starting in the 1950s, the Mike Feinberg Company was selling novelties, holiday and sports items of all sorts to generations of families. Owner Mike Feinberg passed away in 2007 at age 85, the business closed in February 2017. Former Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto declared Sunday, March 26 “Mike Feinberg Day” in the Strip District

Mike Feinberg Company was often a busy shopping destination, especially on Saturdays preceding Steelers games. Mike’s daughter Marcia, who owned and operated the store after her father’s passing, said that customers could find “everything you had to have but didn’t need. We had things from ‘infinity mirrors’ where you could look in the mirror and find Jesus, to Steeler merchandise. Paper plates. Just a little bit of everything.” (KDKA TV)

Back when the business began, its shelves were not stocked with whoopee cushions, rubber chickens, Steel City souvenirs or a surplus of other items that customers now enjoy. During the early days, Mike Feinberg and his self-named store simply offered bicycles and stuffed animals.But as the years progressed the small-time supplier started featuring merchandise of more variety. He sold shot glasses, bumper stickers, nostalgic toys and candy. Eventually, because of the monstrous amounts of miscellanea he marketed, Feinberg became known as “the party king.” (Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle)

Much of that original and playful spirit remains thanks to the new owners, Yinzers in the Burgh, who now operate in the space: “An unfussy store selling jerseys, T-shirts, hats & accessories with logos from local sports teams.”

Video above is excerpted from THE STRIP SHOW produced and narrated at WQED by Rick Sebak in 1996.